Our Formulation

Yess Essentials formulations heart and ancestral wisdom comes from West Africa, where knowledge of effective natural ingredient synergies has been passed down from generation to generation.  All our products are formulated with over 97% natural or naturally derived ingredients. Formulations contain the essentials to ensure meticulous skin cleansing and comprehensive moisturising for the best skin maintenance regime. The restorative products are beneficial to all global skin types, whether suffering from the impacts of pollution, harsh climatic conditions or the effects of ageing.

Our unique formulations are based on centuries old traditional recipe of cocoa pod ash and unrefined palm kernel oil which gives a pure natural soap base, commonly known as African Black Soap.  The soap base is a mild soft soap with effective deep cleansing properties, used in its pure form by the indigenous West Africans, to relieve acne, rashes, scalp irritations, clear blemishes and other skin problems.  Traditionally it is used to give babies their first bath, this is known to prevent body odour and future skin irritations.  Yess Essentials range of products also contains rich and nourishing natural oils such as avocado,  jojoba and evening primrose;  aloe vera juice; extract of carrot and cucumber and shea butter.

All Yess products have their own specially selected bespoke fragrance made from essential oils that are designed to have a therapeutic twist. The oils have been selected for the synergy they create in their fusion. Essential oils such as geranium, bergamot, ylang ylang, howood, Fragonia, zinziba, rose, cedarwood and patchouli are blended to create a unique fragrance for each Yess product.

All Yess Essentials products are environmentally safe, non-animal tested, paraffin and petroleum jelly free, sodium lauryl sulphate free, paraben free, colouring free and artificial fragrance free. All the products have been tested and complied with EU law for cosmetics and toiletries.